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Italian Guidelines for Cultural Heritage-2006

These guidelines give indications for evaluating and reducing seismic risk for protected cultural heritage, with reference to technical construction regulations1 (hereon called NTC), of which Minister’s Decree dated 14 September 2005, and particularly to Annex 2 of the “Technical regulations for designing, evaluating and seismic upgrading of buildings”, of the P.C.M. Ordinance no. 3274/03 and its subsequent modification and integrations2 (aforesaid Annex 2 shall be called “Ordinance” from hereon). The “Cultural Heritage and Landscapes Code” (from hereon “Code”), Decreed law no. 42 dated 22 January 2004, established in Article 4 that the functions of protecting national cultural landmarks attributed to the State and carried out by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities…