ERAMCA Project Reference: 609574-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

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WP 7

Lead organisation: POLITO
Partner organisation: BUW, UNIOS, TTPU, SamSACII, IWPHE, TTU, KPITTU


The aim of this Work Package is to set procedures, criteria and resources for monitoring the project in order to meet its diversified targets (e.g., scientific, educational, management, dissemination, exploitation).

Each Work Package will adopt a working method that will guarantee quality to the whole project. The working method will be defined in the Quality and Evaluation Plan of the project.

POLITO, in agreement with other project partners, will identify an External Quality Expert who will perform monitoring and evaluation. Results of this assessment will be collected in mid-term and final reports (month 18 and 36) and will include, among others, an assessment of partnership performance, progress of the project, effectiveness and impact of dissemination activities.

The External Quality Expert will be responsible for:

  • the definition of quality indicators for each item above and of monitoring procedures;
  • the design and submission of questionnaires to evaluate the project plenary meetings and the overall management;
  • the collection of data and analysis;
  • the co-operation with the Internal Quality and Evaluation Working Group and integration of results;
  • the elaboration of evaluation reports.

Based on recommendations from the External Quality Expert and feedback from partners, corrective actions will be taken whenever necessary.

The internal evaluation (quality of products and effectiveness) is related to the level of achievement of expected results, hence of project goals. It includes the evaluation of:

  • contents, organization, clarity of designed courses including digital library;
  • satisfaction of different target groups;
  • transferability of results to different target groups.


The internal Quality and Evaluation Team is responsible for the:

  • definition of indicators and monitoring procedures within the Quality and Evaluation Plan;
  • design and submission of tools such as questionnaires;
  • draft of the internal evaluation reports (mid-term and final).


Task 7.1 Setting of the quality evaluation process

This task will first concern with the nomination of a Quality and Evaluation Team and of the External Quality Expert. Furthermore, the Quality and Evaluation Plan will be prepared.

Task 7.2 Quality evaluation

Basing on the Task 7.1, this task aims at preparing mid-term and final evaluation reports. The Quality and Evaluation Team and the External Quality Expert are responsible to deliver these reports.



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